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We often carry a few of our favorite Persian-style rugs in our shop and wanted to tell you a bit more about them.

This list certainly isn't exhaustive, but we thought we'd start by mentioning the Mahals. Hailing from the region of Mahallat, just outside Arak in Iran, these rugs are great examples of centuries of Persian craftsmanship, known for their intricate designs.

Malayer rugs, on the other hand, come from the northwest of Iran and have an angular look made possible by their special weaving style and diverse color combinations. It’s rare to find one of these in a traditional room size though - they tend to be a bit off.

Tabriz rugs come from Azerbaijan and are made of top-notch wool or wool and silk, with a silk or cotton warp. Plus, their unique patterns and lovely colorways are sure to brighten any space.

Lastly, we're sharing the Heriz rug. The Heriz-style rugs have a distinct look all of their own, featuring bright or bold colors and striking designs. Many come with a large medallion in the center, with a thick border and corner ornamentation.

We're hoping to give you plenty of options in our shop to make sure you find something that fits your style. From there, you can enjoy it for many years and beyond - long after it's made its mark on you and your home.

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