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Custom Rug Pad

Loomologie has partnered with RugPadUSA to simplify the process and purchase of a quality rug pad for your vintage, semi-antique or antique rug.
These rug pads will be professionally cut to fit your rug's precise size, and are mailed to you directly from RugPadUSA's facility.
Contour-Lock is the goldilocks of rug pads. Choose it for strong grip, unbeatable floor protection, and moderate cushioning — all without adding unwanted bulk or height to your rug. This pad’s coarse felt upper layer grabs and holds the bottom of your rug to prevent bunching and wrinkling, while the non-slip natural rubber backing keeps rugs anchored firmly to your floors.
With its 1/8’’-thick felt and rubber rug pad design to securely hold rugs in place and keep them lying flat, they provide that extra layer of support and protection.
Needle-punched felt layer for breathable durability
RugPadUSA chooses to use a durable method called needle-punching. This keeps fibers tightly woven, prevents felt from fraying, and allows better airflow (so no stinky under-rug smell!).
Thermo-bonded for long-lasting use
Unlike glued-together rug pads, the layers in our pads won’t peel apart. Plus, the solid backing design prevents dirt from accumulating under your rug and scratching your floor.
100% natural for a healthier home
Synthetic rubber is often mixed with clay or plastic that turns into dust over time. That’s bad news for your home, family, and lungs! These 100% natural rubber comes from real rubber trees, and never flakes or disintegrates.

Origin: Made in the USA
Material: 100% recycled felt and natural rubber
Attributes: Eco-friendly; safe for all floors; moisture and mildew resistant

Shipped by Rug Pad USA

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Warranty: 10 Years - fulfilled by Rug Pad USA
Returns: Visit Rug Pad USA. Loomologie does not process returns for this product.

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