Loomologie is a premium vintage, semi-antique and antique rug boutique that embraces slow living, traditional craftsmanship and timeless style. Where thoughtful design is a language, not a trend.

While each piece is competitively priced, our rugs are substantially more affordable than those at a rug gallery. Nothing beats a hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind rug that is a century + old, non-toxic and stain resistant - the peace of mind is priceless.

What our mission means to us, is to demystify the process of finding mindfully made pieces. We’re here to enrich our clients lives through championing for sustainability and positive cultivation. We believe in being synonymous with compassion, equality, and human-kindness and this is conveyed within our business, to our artisans and suppliers, our clients and products. Our suppliers are chosen wisely, as we believe in fair trade and ethical sourcing. You can shop with confidence knowing that every purchase continues the growth for cultivating communities, from the curator, to the artisans and for the environment through use of sustainably handcrafted pieces, recycled or repurposed materials.


Our philosophy is simple - we believe to curate is a purposeful act. This is reflected by fostering both abandoned luxury and modernity.

Our aesthetic mirrors this state of mind, through eliciting a sense of nostalgia, transcended in time.Each piece in our collections is aged, unique, with character and imperfections that tell soulful stories.