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How can I join the program?

  • You must be following us on social media & have a public account.

  • This status is available to those with a minimum of 10,000+ followers or micro/nano-accounts with an engagement rate of 5%+.

  • You represent our brand by posting a minimum of twice a month via story and a minimum of one feed post on social media (Instagram), tagging our platform and engaging with our content.

What does an ambassador receive?

  • Ambassador status, accompanied with a reoccurring discount code for you to share with your followers, potential to earn a commission, opportunity to be rewarded with a free gift, along with the being featured through cross-sharing on any of our platforms, and an exclusive birthday discount.

Can I lose my ambassador status?

  • If you are unable to maintain the minimum requirements, your status will become inactive, along with benefits.


MEET Emily

I'm Emily! A design enthusiast, my husband the pianist, and one home we’ll be working on until we die.

-Emily Butler | Virginia
Style: European Traditional 


Hi, I’m Kari! I have a passion for interior design and I enjoy creating spaces where practicality and beauty converge. My favorite way to add character and charm to a space is by incorporating vintage pieces. Each vintage piece has a story to tell and by adding it to my home I have added a new chapter to the story. 

-Kari Keene | Georgia
Style: Modern Transitional