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Authentic vintage and antique rugs are crafted with unrivaled skill by gifted artisans who use natural materials and traditional techniques passed down from their ancestors. A laborious process of gathering of wool and dyeing it from plants, intricate weaving, and hand-knotting can take months or even years to be completed. These remarkable textiles come with a higher cost of investment, but with proper maintenance vintage rugs can last much longer than modern alternatives, preserving their worth over time. Additionally, they are famed for being particularly hard-wearing and easy to take care of. Our pricing takes into account the country of origin, age, condition, and unique quality of each piece.

When you shop with Loomologie, you get a genuinely aged product of remarkable quality, destined to last for years. Our products are carefully chosen to ensure they are natural and handmade, not artificial or synthetic. Every rug has been expertly restored and cared for by experienced professionals to preserve its originality. Committed to delivering an impeccable level of craftsmanship and uniqueness, we are passionate about helping our customers experience the intriguing beauty of timeless heirlooms.

From our point of view, hand-knotted rugs offer a multitude of advantages. Not only are they aesthetically remarkable due to their unparalleled beauty and detailed finishes, but their craftsmanship is also unmatched by any manufactured versions. In addition, their composition and structures made up of wool, cotton, and natural vegetable dyes, make them extremely sustainable and long-lasting. Owning a hand-knotted rug also is highly special, as no one else in the world will have the same piece as you, making it a unique and timeless heirloom that will only increase in value.

The presence of lanolin- a natural oil- in wool fibers provides lasting protection against stains and grime, rendering it highly suitable for areas with high foot traffic, child-friendly, and pet-friendly. These rugs are incredibly attractive while remaining incredibly durable and easy to maintain- a perfect combination.

Authentic Persian rugs boast abrash: wild variations of color and a horizontal gradation. As each rug is woven by hand utilizing hand-dyed wool, variations in dye batches cause abrash to be highly visible. Despite being a naturally-occurring occurrence, some machine-woven rug manufacturers are attempting to replicate abrash, recognizing the inherent beauty and value of the variance.

We extensively search worldwide to find reputable vendors who can meet our stringent quality requirements. Every one of our partners has been thoroughly assessed and fosters a close relationship with us. Rest assured they are a superb team of collaborators.


For optimal care of your rug, we suggest gently vacuuming it on the lowest setting, with the beater bar off. If desired, debris may be swept away using a broom. For spot cleaning, use water, a non-abrasive cloth, and mild detergent only; to best protect the surface of your rug, we advise against rubbing or using a carpet cleaning machine or cleaners. To ensure effective deeper cleaning, professional cleaning is recommended. For periods of non-usage, rolling up the rug is suggested for storage.


We recognize that buying a vintage rug is an important investment and commitment. For your convenience, we can offer a 24-hour reserve time for your chosen item. However, due to the limited availability of our products, the reserve must be completed within the allotted timeframe to secure the purchase.

Shop Pay provides the option to select payment plan options. If the desired plan is not available through Shop Pay, please contact us to inquire about arranging a payment plan through Paypal.

If the item you are interested in is outside your budget, we will be willing to discuss a reasonable offer. Additionally, we can explore payment plan options as an alternative.

It is not possible to cancel the order after it has been received.


Our goal is to ship your package sustainably to minimize waste. We may use soft packing to protect your item from any weather conditions that could potentially arise. We also take into consideration recycled or reused boxes as a viable option when it comes to packaging materials. We are demonstrating our responsibility and commitment to environmental conservation by making conscious efforts to improve on these measures.

Currently, we are able to deliver our products to the United States and Canada. Customers residing outside of these countries, please contact us for an estimate. For further details, please refer to our shipping policy.

Typically, orders are sent out within 3 to 5 business days except for weekends and holidays. For further details, please refer to our shipping policy.

Our rugs are crafted with all-natural fibers such as wool and wool on cotton. Inevitably, these pieces may contain creases or a scent arising from the packaging when they arrive at your door. Being rolled up compactly can cause such occurrences, yet rest assured that both will quickly subside after the rug is fully spread out and allowed to breathe. We always recommend investing in a protective rug pad and here, you can find a range custom-made for this type of rug. For storage, it is advised that you roll the rug up and additional wrap it in plastic or a sheet, for further defense against insects and dust accumulation.


We make every effort to accurately portray the colors and condition of each rug. By using natural light instead of flash, we ensure that our pictures provide a true representation of the item. However, it is important to understand that due to differences among devices, display settings, and environmental factors, there may be subtle variations in the appearance of a product. To ensure that you feel confident with your purchase, we are happy to provide additional imagery, recorded videos, and virtual viewings, and answer any questions you may have.

We offer special benefits to those who have been approved for a trade account. To complete the application process, please visit here.

Located in Arizona, we offer custom viewing and purchasing options. Please contact us at to arrange a viewing, or if you are unable to come in person, we are happy to provide a virtual viewing of our products.

For orders placed within 5 days of the start of a sale, we cannot combine promotions, but we will honor the higher discount if a promotional code was used. If this applies to you, please contact us at with your details and we'd be glad to help.

Our online store is available on a 24/7 basis, barring any maintenance. For customer support, we're available between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) on weekdays only (not including weekends or public holidays). If you would like to arrange a viewing or purchase a product personally, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.

We are delighted to communicate via telephone as well. Please email us at with your contact details and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

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