Our Rug Size Guide

Incorporating a rug into your space can elevate the entire feel.

We've listed a few things to consider.

First, the dimensions of the room and how the rug will be placed. Persian rugs aren't generally "standard" size, which makes their appeal all the more special. Will you be layering it, or placing it under a dining table, showcasing it in your living room, or using by your kitchen island are the types of spaces to consider. Yes, Persian rugs can go in bathrooms too!

Then consider the rugs construction. Persian rugs hold their structual integrity for 100 + years, while tufted, hooked, and power-loomed last on average 3 years, if you're lucky! Durability and sustainability is key, and with a handknotted rug you can't go wrong.

Next is selecting a pattern or motif and colorway for your space. With Persian rugs, they are the most versatile due to the wool dye (all natural vegtable). Persian rugs balance with light + bright spaces or dark + moody spaces. If your style is farmhouse, traditional, contemporary, transitional, bohemian, eclectic, european modern...and so on. You cannot go wrong with any style or colorway in your space.

Lastly, consider your furniture placement with your rug. We've tossed the rule book out on the "standard placement," but as an example, make sure there is one foot of space between the edge of the walls and rug. Keep in mind, when you view our product images to imagine your vision and take note that how the rug looks without furnishings or decorative objects is not going to be as vibrant vs. once styled around.

Our rug size guide is based on standard sizing for universal representation, keep in mind Persian rugs are generally off (1" - 2" width and length from standard sizing). That does not include "off" size rugs, such as gallery or palace size.

We can assist with color coordination, sizing, and more. Please contact us if you need assistance.