Calla (9 x 12)


Origin: Mahal - North West Persia
Age: 110-120 years old 
Dimensions: 9' x 12'
Colors: french blue, denim, rust-brick, sage, linen, oat flour
Pile: Low Pile/Shaved
Material: 100% Wool on cotton
Stain Resistant: One of the best advantages of wool is that it is naturally stain resistant. The fibers contain natural oils, called lanolin, which protect the wool from stains and dirt. The natural properties prevent stains and dirt from penetrating the fibers, making spot clean up uncomplicated. 
Note: This rug was featured in a design project and is available through Loomologie x Ling Interiors.  This rug will ship from California.  

This rug has been professionally cleaned.

Cleaning: Vacuum on the lowest setting possible (preferably with beater bar off) or use a broom to sweep away debris. Spot clean with mild detergent and water only, avoid rubbing and any use of a carpet cleaning machine.

If your rug needs a deeper cleaning, take it to a professional.

Use: Rug pad recommended (not required) View our rug pads (here).

Storing: Always roll rugs when stored.

This section applies to rugs only, not rug pads or framed art.

All of our rugs, benches/ottomans, stools and framed art is in stock and ready to ship.

Please note, that our rugs and benches/ottomans are all one-of-a-kind and there is only 1 in stock of each.

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