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Jillian (3 x 9)


Intentionally designed works of art, with an unparalleled quality that brings warmth and texture to any space. 

About: A one-of-a-kind, authentic Persian Malayer hand-knotted with fine sheep's wool by semi-nomadic weavers located in Northwestern Persia. 
Country of Origin: Persia
Age: 100-110 years old
Dimensions & Pile: 3'2.5" x 9'7" - low pile
Colors: cocoa, tourmaline, copper, taupe, birch, coconut  
Material: 100% wool on cotton
Stain Resistant: One of the best advantages of wool is that it is naturally stain resistant. The fibers contain natural oils, called lanolin, which protect the wool from stains and dirt. The natural properties prevent stains and dirt from penetrating the fibers, making spot clean up uncomplicated. 
Note: design concept provided for inspiration and color reference
AdditionalThis rug was featured in a design project and is available through Loomologie x Ling Interiors. This item will ship from California.  

One of the greatest advantages of wool is that it is naturally stain-resistant. These fibers contain a natural oil called lanolin, which protects the wool from stains. Natural properties prevent stains and grime from penetrating fibers making these rugs easy to care for and extremely suitable for daily use, in high-traffic areas, pet-proof and child safe. Not only are these rugs beautiful, but extremely durable.

Upon receiving your rug, lay it flat for it to breathe. Any creases should disappear within a few hours or days.

We suggest gently vacuuming your rug on the lowest setting, preferably with the beater bar off. Alternatively, you may sweep away debris with a broom. We recommend spot cleaning with water, a non-abrasive cloth, and mild detergent only; avoid rubbing and any use of a carpet cleaning machine or cleaners. Professional cleaning is best for deeper cleaning.

When your rug is not in use, roll it up for storing away. We suggest covering it with plastic wrap or a sheet to protect it from debris, moths, etc.

Ships within 1-3 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

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We strive to do our best at capturing the true colors and the condition of each rug. Each item is photographed in natural light without the use of flash. Keep in mind, depending on the device being used, the age of the device, display settings, and your space there may be slight variations. We encourage you to reach out to us for additional imagery, videos, virtual viewings, and guidance to make sure that you feel confident about your purchase.

Due to our limited ability to process returns, restock and service returned products, we are currently unable to accept returns. Accordingly, all purchases are final.

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